Day 15 Favorite Male Character

Favorite characters are hard to choose. If I had to pick a high impact series on my life, it would be the Tortall Books by Tamora Pierce. In the several series this incredibly complex world boasts, I have a particular fondness for the Trickster books. Unlike the previous three series, the female protagonist is an awesomely cunning female, who becomes a key player in overthrowing a corrupt government and putting the true queen on the throne. A woman like that needs a man to keep up with her. Or at least, a man in training. 

Ahhh, Nawat Crow, you magnificent bastard you. Nawat begins the story as a crow, who reveals all crows can change into people. It's their bloody secret dammit. He shadows Aly as she puts her plots into motion and the reader gets to not only watch them fall in love, but Nawat's hilarious transformation from Crow to Human, in mind and body. 


In the beginning:

“We could mate. In a year our nestlings would be large enough to mob anyone we like...Should I begin to court you? Do you like grubs or ants better?...I will be here. In case you change your mind about mating.” (Nawat)
― Tamora PierceTrickster's Choice


By the End:

"Aly if I die tomorrow, I want to go to the afterlife with the taste of you on my lips."- Nawat Crow