I am Terrible at this thirty day thing!

With the editing mess and such I've been dealing with lately I just let the thirty day book fun slip me by so I shall catch up now in true slacker fashion since my brain is still coming online for a day of Nanowrimo ><


17. Favorite Quote from Favorite Book

"Aly if I die tomorrow, I want to go to the afterlife with the taste of you on my lips."- Nawat Crow



18. A book that disappointed you:

This book had such an interesting concept going for it, the main character was a nightmare, feeding off people's dreams, and it had the makings of a paranormal murder mystery, but the story had no spark, no follow through, and our nightmare heroine is bogged down by her teeny bopper persona. :(


19.Favorite Book turned into a movie

Tough one, I am very judgmental of movies made from books. I would have to pick:

Yes the book is better and more in depth, but come on, Nick Holt is a fucking adorable zombie!!! And the movie gives me the warm fuzzies.


20.Favorite Romance book

This story is flipping amazing. It is one of Jones's less well known works but it's beautiful. 


21. The First Novel You Remember Reading

I know I read other books before this, but the first novel I remember, the book that stayed with me and probably played a heavy influence in my own writing choices is:

This was also my first foray into a true genre mash up. Alien Secrets is a science fiction murder mystery for Kids. Oh and pure awesomesauce. 


22.A Book that makes you cry.

I can't even look at this cover without sobbing. 


23.A book you wanted to read for a long time but still haven't.

I finally got around to reading the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning so next on the list:



24.A Book you wish more people would've read:

While I think this story is amazing, it has a rather complex rift on time travel and a large age difference between the heroine and her romantic interest. It was also published a couple decades ago now, and if I hadn't read other books by Jones I would never have picked this up. It's one of those works that is really underrated. If this novel came out in the past few years, it would have gotten a movie.


25. A character who you can relate to the most

I have read many a novel with many an amazing character but the first character I met who tug at my soul strings was probably

May Bird is a slightly abnormal kid shoved into an extraordinary situation, a terrifying situation. She isn't fearless, but she is brave. She isn't perfect, but she tries, god damn she tries. I both love and hate her, but May Bird reminds me a lot of myself as a child.


26. A Book that Changed Your Opinion about something

This is not in a good way. Twilight's depressingly submissive Bella shoved me off YA fiction for literally years. And I studied YA fiction for grad school. When it exploded in popularity and sparked a wave of copy cats, I was so depressed. Was this what we had to look forward to for YA heroines? Thank god Hunger Games exploded onto the scene. Even if you hate the book, Katniss went a long way in reviving the Badass female protagonist. 


27.The Most surprising plot twist or ending

I feel surprising plot twists can go horribly awry, especially since readers are, I feel, less forgiving than a movie audience. If you try to surprise them, the general reaction is : there is no evidence to support this drivel. The best twist I have read was extremely recent:

The twist involved a side character's sexual orientation, and not only was I pleasantly surprised at Riordan's skill handling the subject matter, but this is a very popular YA series and hot damn it was a pretty brave move.


28.Favorite Title of a Book

You know I haven't even been able to read this yet but I freaking love


29.A Book everyone hated and you liked

This takes me back to high school.


30.Your Favorite Book of All Time

Nuff Said.