My reaction to this may point to a lack of something something >.>

The Demon King and I - Candace Havens

I've been craving a wee bit of smut. Hey, this book looks entertaining. 

Forty pages in.

Okay, yeah your sisters are awesome. Oh is that the male hero *finally*

Another twenty pages.

Yes your family is very awesome, they are so omgawesome 

Eighty pages in.

Shuddup and kiss him, grope him, slap his ass, goddamit anything.

One Hundred and Twenty pages in.



Please do something. This is supposed to be smut. I'm dying here.


Several more pages of nada. Done with this.


Wouldn't be so bad if we didn't have a third of the book world building with jenga blocks. Plot hole? Oh let me tell you how awesome my sisters are. *facepalm*